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Joanne Riddle Artist at Large




*My interest in art began while I was still in diapers.  I've been painting and sketching for as long as I can remember, with anything and on anything I could get my hands.   My paintings have been influenced by artists such as Kandinsky, Picasso, Pollock, Miro and many more whose work continue to inspire me.  My art has not been  influenced however, by any structured education in style technique or form.  My pieces are all experimental in regard to color and composition, as well as medium.  I'm not completely closed minded toward representation, although randomness and chaos are my preference.   I try not to approach any canvas with preconceived notions and allow the art to develop itself through me as an instrument.  I most enjoy working on very large canvas, where  movements become dance like in the extension and flow of my arms, creating brush strokes, drips, splatters, palette knife textures, and impressions made with various found objects. 

I was born in Philadelphia, PA Joanne Donato.  Walls and stockade fences were the main outlet for my creativity, turning the small yards of row homes into tropical fantasylands or Monet inspired fields of wildflowers.  A need to express myself has always been a driving force throughout my life.   It wasn't until my late twenties that I reconnected with my love of working on canvas and taught myself to stretch my own, affording the opportunity to work on oversized mural canvas.


I moved to Atlantic City NJ at the age of 18 where I met the love of my life and husband for fifteen wonderful years, Nelson Riddle  We moved To Connecticut in 1996 where we now reside in Salem.  We live in  a cozy home and studio situated on beautiful wooded acres with an abundance of wildlife,  quite different from my Philly rowhome.   We share our lives with our dogs Grace and Luvie, and will always love and remember our sweet departed Bubbles and Snuggles, and Chloe woman's best friends.


My work hangs in private and corporate collections across the US as well as in parts of  The United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Canada, and Japan. 

I strive for unique and evocative masterpieces..... my quest is lifelong.







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